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Built in 1968 in Coronado, California as a detailed replica of a historic galleon ship, the Buccaneer Queen is a magnificent vessel that hearkens to the days when pirates plied the coastlines. The Buccaneer Queen has appeared in numerous commercials and has even made a movie appearance. Calling Los Cabos home, the Buccaneer Queen evokes the spirited past of Los Cabos. This legendary vessel is instantly recognizable as it sails the local waters, with it's tall, stately masts and romantic profile. The Buccaneer Queen's excellent crew makes the experience memorable and fun.

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Pirate History

Piracy was a problem thousands of years before the Spanish began to bring gold, silver, and other treasures from the New World back to Spain. Men sailed the seas as pirates when countries began to cross the Oceans and Seas to trade goods with each other. There were powerful pirates that sailed the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. These pirates set up a large pirate nation in Cilicia. Cilicia is now part of the country of Turkey.

Vikings were brave and strong pirates. They sailed all over the Atlantic Ocean, but especially terorized the European coastlines. Piracy was also active in the waters surrounding Asia. As ships were built bigger and better and men became braver, piracy began to spread into the New World.

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